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Get to know our mobile system and our models available for rent or for sale.

Construction offices

SITE 8X20 (2.44x6.10m)

Ideal as a temporary office with a workspace which, in addition to offering necessary comforts, can accommodate up to 4 people. It has the option of adding a half bath.

SITE 8X24 (2.44x7.31m)

Optimized for accommodating up to 5 people with ample workspace and lighting. The bathroom model can include space for two semi-private rooms.

SITE 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

Due to its dimensions and features, this is the most requested of all of our temporary offices. With a private office, bathroom, common area, and capacity to accommodate up to 5 people; it easily adapts to any need.

SITE 8X44 (2.44x13.41m)

For projects which require a larger workspace as well as private offices, the 8x44 construction office offers the ideal blend of features. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 7 people and the option of choosing window air conditioning or central air.

SITE 10X48 (3.05x14.63m)

Ideal for 8 people, it has all the features of a traditional office transplanted to the countryside: private spaces, a common area, a half bathroom and kitchenette; everything needed to work comfortably.

SITE 12X60 (3.66x18.29m)

As the largest mobile office offered by Structurall, its 62 square meters can accommodate up to 10 people. It can meet any of the client’s needs, with a construction office, office for real estate development, and a point of sale, among others.


BEDROOM 8X24 (2.44x7.31m)

As the basic mobile bedroom, it has everything necessary for 1 or 2 people; ideal for field work supervisors. It is fully equipped for immediate use.

BEDROOM 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

The most suitable model for construction projects far town where it is necessary for staff to have dormitories on site. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 8 people with a double sink, a half bathroom and two bedrooms.

BED - DINING ROOM 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

Recognizing the many needs when working in the countryside, Structruall has designed a mobile bedroom that can accommodate up to 4 people. It has 1 bedroom, kitchenette, dining room, half bathroom and double sink.

BEDROOM 8X38 (2.44x11.58m)

This is the most requested mobile dormitory, endorsed by private and government institutions. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 8 people with 2 bedrooms, a kitchenette, a dining room, a half bathroom and sink.

HOTEL 12X60 (3.66x18.29m)

The hotel camp is designed to accommodate up to 8 people with all the comforts of a hotel in the countryside. It has 4 completely independent rooms with a full bathroom in each.


CLASSROOM 10X36 (3.05x10.97m)

The 10x36 mobile classroom is endorsed by private and government institutions, as it has all the comforts of a school campus. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 27 students and the option of being equipped with desks, blackboard, chairs and a teacher's desk.

Bathrooms and Showers

BATHROOM 6X16 (1.83x4.88m)

The mobile bathroom offers two toilets with ceramic sinks and PVC for drinking and wastewater.

TOILETS 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

On-site availability of mobile toilet services is easily addressed with the Structurall mobile toilet unit. It has 6 independent toilets, as well as urinals and sinks.

SHOWERS 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

Daily personal hygiene solutions are provided in the form of the 8x32 mobile shower with 7 independent showers, in addition to 4 sinks, lockers, and a wardrobe.


CLINIC OFFICES 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

The 8x32 Camp Clinic is an excellent option for industries that require in-house medical offices. It has a consultation area, examination, and patient rooms.

Dining Rooms

DINING KITCHEN 8X32 (2.44x9.75m)

Providing food service to field personnel has always been challenging undertaking. For these situations, the 8x32 mobile dining room is highly recommended, as it has a fully equipped kitchen and capacity to accommodate up to 15 people.

KITCHEN/DINING 10X48 (3.05x14.63)

To provide food preparation service to personnel working in the field, Structurall has developed the Kitchen / Dining 10x48 module. It has a fully equipped kitchen with the capacity to serve up to 32 people.


GUARDHOUSE 8X4 (2.4x1.2m)

Guardhouses are the perfect solution to have a comfortable and practical space for surveillance service in construction sites, companies, residential subdivisions, etc.

GUARDHOUSE 8X8 (2.4x2.4m)

Looking for a more spacious guardhouse for two people, we have the right model. Its ample space can accommodate additional furniture and other accessories necessary for surveillance functions. We also offer a delivery service to anywhere in the Mexico.

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